Mustard & Wildflower Pink

Mustard and Wildflower Pink


Our signature Mustard and Wildflower Pink styled together for striking and soft looks

In love with our Wildflower Pink, we’re taken away with how lovely this perfect shade of pink ties in with our other bold colours in our range. Mustard is always so eye-catching in any room and paired with the Wildflower Pink it creates a striking and soft bedroom look, which is both playful and chic. 


Mustard Wildflower 2


Switch Up Your Colours

With such striking colours you can have a lot of fun by adding others into the mix, like Soft Grey Stripes and Ochre, or keep it soft with classic white. 


Mustard and Wildflower 4

Style Tips 

Accent the beautiful richness of the mustard by choosing dried florals in golden tones or bring this look back to earth by using wooden features to ground this statement look. 


Mustard Wildflower 4