Pure Bamboo Care Guide

Pure bamboo bedding. Pure bamboo fabric, woven in China.

To make sure your beautiful bamboo stays lusciously soft and keeps loving you back, make sure you follow the below instructions:

  1. Wash prior to first use
  2. Launder whites and colours separately
  3. Cold machine wash on a gentle cycle
  4. Wash in a delicates bag, or wash the bedding on its own to avoid it snagging on anything.
  5. Do not rub, soak, wring or bleach or dryclean 
  6. Best to line dry. You can tumble dry in winter but to make your linen last longer air drying is always best
  7. Use a gentle liquid detergent
  8. You may hand wash or soak the fitted sheet only to minimise friction and prolong the lifespan of the fabric


Notes on bamboo:

Bamboo fabric is prone to shrinkage so it is designed slightly oversized so that after the first two washes it will shrink to correct size and fit the bed perfectly. It is normal for natural fibres to have a slight pilling especially in response to friction and is a natural progression of the fabric.