An elevated classic



This week we introduced two exciting new styles to our ever-growing I Love Linen family, Cocoa Stripe & Olive Stripe. Both new styles feature a delicate pinstripe, woven into a soft warm white linen base. These two elevated stripes offer a simple yet sophisticated design to perfectly complement existing shades in our range.



French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding



Cocoa Stripe



Drawing inspiration from the deep tones of our Australian landscape, let this exciting new style continue your love affair with our range of rustic, earthy hues. Cocoa Stripe is a rich brown pinstripe, contrasted against a warm white base. Bring Cocoa Stripe to life with other warm tones from our range like Ochre, Sandalwood, Clay & Sienna.







Olive Stripe


Olive stripe is a thin, delicate pinstripe, derived from a shade our community already know and love, Olive. Woven using the same linen hues, Olive Stripe seamlessly compliments our much-loved, Olive. To elevate this refined stripe, we suggest pairing it with other cool earthy shades from our range, like SageNatural.






Cocoa Stripe & Olive Stripe

Inspired by our Australian backyard