Can you believe we're turning 10 years old this month? What started as a small-scale project for our founder, Lauren, during her maternity leave, has grown to become an international business offering thousands of designs. Our community has grown with us and we feel honoured to have been invited to some of their most sacred moments and milestones. We're proud to have been an ally through the newborn nurseries, memorable meals, wedding day jitters, new homes and overseas adventures. 

To celebrate our double digits, and give back to the community that made us, we're celebrating all-month long. But before we get to the celebration, we want to take a trip down memory lane to show you how our brand and team have flourished to become the I Love Linen you know and love.



The Team

It has been quite a journey from the team of 1 that I Love Linen began with. Coming from a family of Linen retailers, Lauren took her heritage and created the brand at her dining room table during her maternity leave with her firstborn, Olive. 

10 years, 4 moves, thousands of designs and a few extra team members later, here we are...slightly too big for Lauren's dining room. To celebrate the incredible team and all the hard work that has gone into creating a brand we can all be proud of we asked the team to share what they love most about working for I Love Linen.




Sammy, Brad & Emily

Sammy (Left): "I love working here because we get to work alongside powerful, strong, caring and creative women every day that inspire me to be the best version of myself, so we can be better together."

Brad (Right): "I enjoy the flexible work envionment and the great team culture in and outside of work."

Emily (Newbie - Not Pictured): "I love working with such delicious products in a team full of gorgeous, creative and passionate people."



Cait, Georgia & Emma

Cait (Left): "I've worked with I Love Linen for many years and have seen the team grow and become the wonderful family that it is today!"

Georgia (Right): "I love working with such a close knit team in a fun and energetic environment everyday."

Emma (Newbie - Not Pictured): "Our team all support one another, from making someone a cup of tea or helping them out on a work task. We are also so lucky to get to work for a brand that has such deep and diverse story telling."



Lainey, Jaspa & Dave

Lainey (Left): "I love being inspired by my colleagues, partners and creators we get to work with. We all have a joint mission to find moments of self-care and ritual amongst the daily chaos (and the busy work schedules!)."

Jaspa (Right): "I love working here because I get to experience such variety, working in both the Customer Care Team and the Warehouse. I also get to work with beautiful people and being surrounded by incredible linen all day is definitely a plus!"

Dave (Not Pictured) - "I love being a part of a strong, predominantly female team, that always get's the job done."



Now...Let's Celebrate

Because it wouldn't be a birthday without a celebration, we have arranged a special surprise for the incredible community that got us here. 

Not only are we celebrating 10 years of better sleep, but we're giving our community 30% of French Linen and Bamboo Sheet Sets & Quilt Cover Sets.


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