Posted: 20 September 2021



An elevated classic



We are so delighted to have welcomed an all-new style to our ever-growing I Love Linen family, Cocoa Stripe. This new style features a delicate pinstripe, woven into a soft warm white linen base - a perfect complement to existing shades in our range.



French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding



Warm Caramel



Cocoa Stripe was designed with versatility in mind. Our intention was to provide our community with another easy-to-pair shade & that's exactly what we've done. Bring Cocoa Stripe back to life with a hint of soft, warm, caramel Sandalwood. 





Delightful layers



Enhance this look even further with a delightfully layered combination of Cocoa Stripe, Sandalwood, with our rich and refined Sienna. 





Soft Sweet Layers



After a more subtle take on earthy? Pair community favorite Crème with the all-new Cocoa Stripe and Sandalwood to achieve soft, creamy layers of premium French linen Bedding. 



Note: Sienna & Creme available on our Australian website, click here.