Posted: 30 March 2022



We are all guilty of giving up and pushing a poorly folded Fitted Sheet to the back of our Linen cupboard and dreading when the time comes to refold one on washing day. But folding a Fitted Sheet correctly doesn't need to be a tricky task. Our resident folding Queen, Kellie is here to teach us exactly how to fold a Fitted Sheet correctly.



Step 1

Lay your Fitted Sheet on a flat surface, with the elasticated edge of the sheet facing upwards. 



Step 2

From the outside of the Fitted Sheet, grab the corner or tuck it into inside fold of the opposite corner on the same side of your sheet. Repeat on both ends and adjust as needed to end up with a rectangle shape fold.


 Step 3

Using the same method from Step 2, grab one corner and tuck it into the inside fold of the opposite end. The rectangle should be about half the size of your previous fold. Adjust the fold as needed to straighten edges to create a square shape. 



Step 4

Taking the edge of the sheet closest to you, fold the sheet length ways into thirds to create a skinny rectangle shape.



Step 5

Fold the sheet into thirds width ways to finish. Now your beautifully folded Fitted Sheet is ready to take centre stage in your Linen closet.



Watch Kellie, our folding Queen, demonstrate these steps below.


How to Fold a Fitted Sheet from I Love Linen on Vimeo.


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