This Plastic Free July we've been sharing tips from some of our favourite inspiring women setting the pace for living an environmentally responsible lifestyle. Now we're sharing what we as a team are committed to, to reduce our footprint and live more sustainably.



Lauren, Founder

1. I shop as much as I can in bulk and store in glass jars.

2. I have a vegetable garden at home and also compost.

3. Going forward as a business, we will continue to find new ways to be plastic free and carbon neutral because it's the right, and only course of direction for me as a business owner.



Tae, Marketing Manager

1. I use my mesh produce bags while doing grocery shopping so I don't need to use the single use plastic ones.

2. I have the Seed & Sprout Un-Baking paper and Reusable Stretch lids to eliminate the need for Baking Paper & Cling Wrap.

3. Going forward, I'm going to make my own natural cleaning products to store in glass bottles so I don't need to buy ones in plastic anymore.



Charlie, Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator

1. Each week I complete my grocery shop at the local farmers market and bring my own reusable bags to purchase & store my produce in.

2. I carry my Frank Green water bottle with me everywhere & also refill a large dispenser of filtered water each week to prevent buying bottled water.

3. Going forward, I am going to start making my own almond milk so I can reduce the amount I buy at the store.



Hannah, Customer Service Manager

1. I invested in a steel safety razor and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner! It is so much better than a disposable and even the blades can be recycled. 

2. I purchase all of my household cleaning supplies from an eco friendly store that has re fill options, so I can keep using the same glass containers rather than buying in plastic.

3. Going forward, I am going to make a conscious effort to shop more often at the local markets and bulk food stores to avoid the plastic that can come with grocery shopping. 



Cait, Warehouse & Dispatch Assistant

1. I carry my own ceramic reusable cup with me all the time as I drink a lot of takeaway coffee!

2. I make sure to always have my reusable shopping bags (or my linen carry all bag) in my car so that I am never without a more sustainable option when shopping.

3. Going forward, I am going to slowly move to plastic free care products to help lower my use of plastic at home and in my daily care routine. 

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