A Naturopath's Guide to Vitamin D




In sunny Australia, with bronzed babes and sun-kissed freckles, you would assume our vitamin D levels would be pretty damn good. However, statistics revels that 32% of young adults are vitamin D deficient and 60% are suboptimal – that’s huge!

Vitamin D is ridiculously crucial for health, and a vital nutrient that I often test for with my clients. We’re aiming for optimal levels, not just ‘within the reference range’. This ensures we’re completing all bodily functions that require vitamin D, plus it allows reserves when we’re a little under the weather or have less sun exposure, such as during winter.

Optimal vitamin D levels promote strong bones, hormonal balance, stable moods (plenty of research links vitamin D deficiency with depression), tip-top immune function, repairs digestive inflammation and encourages a healthy digestive microbiome (all of those good gut bugs). The benefits of this nutrient is endless!






Vitamin D Boosters

  • Safe sun exposure on a daily basis - This looks like ~15 minutes of sunshine before 10am and after 3pm (to avoid high UV exposure)
  • Fish – salmon, tuna, sardines, cod liver oil and swordfish
  • UV Radiated mushrooms
  • Egg yolks
  • Fortified orange juice and dairy products


Vitamin D Reducers

  • Minimal sun exposure, particularly for shift/office workers and throughout winter
  • Having a magnesium deficiency as the body requires magnesium for vitamin D absorption 
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Medical conditions such as kidney/liver disease and inflammatory bowel conditions
  • Naturally dark skin tones can make it more difficult to absorb UV light









The best way to check your vitamin D level is through a blood test requested by your trusted health care professional. The most common signs of deficiency include mood changes, muscle cramps or aches, bone and joint pain, frequent colds/flu and bone loss.


If you’re asking me, vitamin D truly is a super nutrient! plus it’s another reason to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. Your body and mind will thank you for it.





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Laura Ballin is a Clinical Naturopath (BHSc) passionate about empowering individuals to reconnect with their body and return home to their true-self. After battling with an eating disorder and various digestive concerns, Laura has a special interest in the gut, mental health, women’s hormonal health and skin conditions. Laura is available for consultations in South-East Queensland and online.






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