Posted: 7 June 2022



Tess Guinery | @tessguinery



Each month, The Muse Series dives into the creative spaces of those who inspire us - our muses.

All muses have been so generous to share their time, energy and processes with us, allowing a rare peep into how they create their magic. Come along as we capture their creative spirit in full flow.

Our latest edition of The Muse Series casts a spotlight on Tess, a Northern Rivers based artist and creator known for her books @theapricotmemoirs, @themoonflowermonologues & @thestarsnodded.








Tess' Muse



  When asked about the inspiration behind her creative endeavours, Tess shared that she has created a practice of being present and seeking inspiration from the common place, things that are often overlooked.


Tess: "It's the undercurrent and leading of where I find everything.

"My main inspiration comes from the common place, just seeking out beauty in common spaces and places. I guess, my eyes become awake to it through this open dialogue, the communion I have in my prayer life, and I now find my eyes do become awake to it."












Flowers | Seeking beauty



Tess was kind enough to share some more insight into a recurring theme in her creative work, flowers.


Tess: "I think because flowers go through their own process and you know, it's creation, it's art, it's in itself without us even needing to be a part of it. It has already taken on its own form, and shape and we can view that.

"The creative process is very similar to that. We find ourselves painting them, talking about them, writing about them, taking photos of them, surrounding our homes with flowers."








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