With our travelling plans edging their way back to normal, the temptation to pack up and jet off on a holiday is oh so high. When travelling, both near and far, we need to take conscious steps to ensure our body gets the rest it so desparately needs. Despite rest being a key factor in why we decide to take a holiday, we often overlook its importance as we overschedule activities, fall out of our natural rhythm and put extra stress on the body.


We have collated a list of helpful tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your sleep on your next holiday and return home feeling fresh and well rested.



Go with the flow


If you're travelling internationally for your next holiday, make sure you consider the time difference. Your body will try and adjust to its surroundings as best as it can, but going with the flow of your travel destination can mean the world of difference for you and your jet lag. Try your best to sync your sleep schedule with your destination, if you're going to be landing at night, try to limit your sleep on the plane and sleep when you reach your accommodation instead. Or if you're leaving at night and arriving in the day, get as much sleep on the plane as you can so you feel fresh for the daytime ahead.


It is also important to consider how your body rests when you book your travel plans. If you find it difficult to get sleep in a plane or car, don't try and schedule your travel times relying on you to do so. Consider wearing something comfortable during your travel to improve your quality of rest, like the Ruby Lounge Set or an eye mask to block out extra light. It is also important to consider your comfort once you have arrived at your holiday destination. Consider packing some Linen loungewear or even a French Linen Robe.


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Make healthy choices


It may be tempting to use your holiday as an opportunity to treat yourself to all the things you normally wouldn't, but doing so can actually prevent you from getting proper rest. Avoiding the negative impacts of travel can be reduced by ensuring you maintain a few healthy habits along the way.


  1. Moving your body, even light exercise, everyday can mean the world of difference for both overall energy and reducing the impacts of jet lag.
  2. Moderate your caffeine and alcohol intake. Ensure you are tailoring this to your normal routine, if you don't normally have a lot of caffeine in your day then don't overload it while you're on holiday.
  3. Likewise, your food and water consumption is equally important. Ensure you are eating and drinking water at your regular schedule, and be sure to consider extra hydration if you have planned a sun-filled, activity heavy holiday. 
  4. Get some sun. Even a small amount of vitamin D can help your circadian rythmn adjust to your new sleep schedule.




 2 nights away is always better than 1 


Your body has become accustomed to your bed and recognises it as the normal and safest place for you to get rest. It recognises the feeling of your beautiful Linen, the softness of your pillows, even the amount of light that filters into your room. So when you go on a holiday and sleep in a different bed, your body needs to adjust to a completely different environment. It can take some time to adjust, so if you are considering a one night getaway, it's best to atleast book for two nights instead. If you stop for one night, chances are your body will spend your entire night sleep trying to adjust to the new environment. However, when you book for two nights, your body will have accepted the changes and feel safe enough by the second night to get a proper nights sleep.