Indulge in deliciously smooth Bamboo Bedding made from a durable silken twill weave. Expect a soft, cooling touch against your skin as you cocoon yourself in this hypoallergenic, heat-regulating sustainably-grown fibre. 






What Are Bamboo Sheets?



Bamboo Sheets are crafted directly from sustainably-grown Bamboo plants, resulting in bedding that feels incredibly soft on your skin. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants globally, making Bamboo Sheets an extrememely eco-friendly bedding option that's not just good for the planet but good for you too. Alongside natural heat regulation properties, hypoallergenic Bamboo is luxuriously soft and durable, making this universally-adored fibre an excellent option for your home.




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Benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheets



Deliciously smooth Bamboo Bedding feels truly indulgent. Aside from being soft to touch, there are plenty more benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheets that make this fabric a stand-out choice. Here's how our Bamboo Sheets can improve your sleep.

  • Our Bamboo is friendly for sensitive skin, hypoallergenci and antibacterial, made using 100% sustainably-grown Bamboo. 
  • Experience the softness akin to 1000 thread count cotton. Bamboo Sheets provide a polised, smooth finish and create a beautiful addition to our signature French Linen range, allowing you to explore texture and contrast for the best sleep of your life, combining and rotating your fabrics to best suit your sleeping needs. 






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How Are Bamboo Sheets Made?



The Bamboo fibres are spun into a yarn before being expertly crafted to create threads. These threads are then woven into smooth and slinky sheets that feel sublime to couch. The two most common weave used to create Bamboo Sheets are sateen and twill. While sateen weaves are longer, twill weaves are tighter and shorter, allowing them to withstand more washes without compromising the soft and luxurious feel.


At I Love Linen, we spent a year testing different weaves and weights before decising on the perfect finish - a silken twill weave that's both durable and indulgently soft. We designed our Bamboo Sheet Sets for those who love the feeling of slipping into silky smooth bedding so that you can experience the feeling of crisp, freshly-washed sheets every night.






The Difference Between 100% Bamboo & Bamboo Blend



While I Love Linen's Bamboo Sheet Sets are crafted from 100% Bamboo, it is common to see Bamboo mixed with other fabrics such as cotton or viscose. Both of these blends are constructed with the intention to make the fabric stronger, however, in doing so, the softness of the material is significantly compromised. Through our year of testing different weaves and weights, I Love Linen developed our signature silken twill weave 100% Bamboo - providing increased durability without compromising the signature Bamboo softness. 







Are Bamboo Sheets Sustainable?



Bamboo is as good for you as it is gentle on the Earth. Both French Linen and Bamboo are eco-friendly fabrics requiring no additional water to grow except for the rain. Offering both our signature French Linen and Bamboo means we can provide a wide selection of sustainable bedding options to best suit every home. You can shop with confidence, knowing that your bedding does more than just look good. 







How Can I Style My Bamboo Sheets?



Our Bamboo fabric is available in four deliciously loved shades; White, Grey, Latte and Clay. These neutral hues will style beautifully to match any color palette. Designed to complement our signature French Linen range as well as look beautiful when styled on their own, you can create a plethora of harmonious looks with our Sheet Sets, or mix-and-match colors with our separately sold Fitted and Flat Sheets. Layering our Bamboo Bedding with our best-selling French Linen provides the perfect balance of elevated comfort and relaxed texture - an effortlessly sophisticated style.


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How to Care for Your Bamboo Sheets


Your new premium Bamboo Bedding is woven in our signature silken twill weave to help you achieve a perfect night's sleep. We spent alomst a year testing and trialing different types of fabric, until we discovered the best combination that we know you will adore. Premium quality Bamboo Bedding is one of life's natural luxuries, so please enjoy it. Although it's incredibly durable, like all fabrics, Bamboo is not immune to incorrect care or wear and tear.

To care for your Bamboo Sheets, please use a gentle liquid detergent instead of washing powder, as a powdered detergent can coat the fabric. A gentle cycle in cold water with the addition of fabric softener is the best way to preserve the softness of your Bamboo Sheets wash after wash. Line drying in the shade away from direct sunlight will also help to maintain the color and prevent fading.

If our Bamboo Sheets are washed in hot water, this may cause them to shrink. It's almost important to wash them in a load on their own, avoiding adding rough or abrasive items into the same cycle as your Bamboo Sheets. Denim, buttons or other abrasive aplliques may tear the fabric or cause pilling, so it's best to avoid these.


Rotate your Bamboo Sheets with other sheets in your I Love Linen collection to ensure you get to love them for longer - this is particularly important when it comes to your Fitted Sheet. Fitted Sheets always receive the most pressure from our bodies as we move about in our sleep, and this may cause signs of pilling earlier than items that receive less friction. Slight pilling is normal for natural fibres (mainly due to friction) and isn't a fault or defect.

Each of our products has different care requirements. To ensure you know how best to take care of your luxurious new bedding, check out the tips and advice in our Product Care Guides.





Frequently Asked Questions about Bamboo Sheet Sets


What are the benefits of Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo Sheets are luxuriously soft providing a soft, cooling touch against your skin. Bamboo is also an incredibly fast-growing plantm which makes Bamboo Sheet Sets an excellent eco-friendly choice. 

Are Bamboo Sheets Hypoallergenic?

Yes! Bamboo Sheets are naturally hypoallergenic. 

Are Bamboo Sheets really cooler?

The intricacies of the Bamboo fibres mean it has natural cooling properties, as well as heat regulation properties, providing greater comfort to keep you cool and dry in Summer, and cosy through the cooler months.

How to was Bamboo Sheets?

To care for your Bamboo Sheets, please use a gentle liquid detergent instead of washing powder, as powedered detergent can coat the fabric. Line drying in the shade away from direct sunlight will also help to preserve the colour and prevent fading.

Are Bamboo Sheets antibacterial?

Yes, Bamboo Sheets are antibacterial. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and these properties are retained through the manufacturing process.

Which is better, French Linen or Bamboo?

Both are incredible. French Linen and Bamboo are both luxurious and sustainable bedding options. If you're having difficulty deciding betwee French Linen bedding and Bamboo, why not opt for both and combine these beautiful fabrics together. Layering our Bamboo Bedding with our French Linen provides the perfect balance of elevated comfort and relaxed texture. 





What Our Customers Say



"In my line of work I have had the opportunity to test many brands of Linen and bedding. 'I Love Linen' never disappoints. The high-quality durable designs and the way their products feel on your body makes them a leader in the industry." - Alicia Curtis (@my.burleigh.reno)


"I've really been enjoying jumping into the Bamboo Bedding each night. The fabric feels so soft and lush, like you're sleeping on a cloud! I'll definitely be adding more of this beautiful bedding to my collection and highly recommend giving it a go if you're looking for a beautiful addition to your bedroom." - Brooke (@thehstyled)


"Absolutely love how soft and cosy this Bamboo Bedding is! It's such a perfect combination of textures to pair with my Linen but also perfect on its own - especially in Summer as it's so lightweight and silky smooth on my skin. Makes em never want to get out of bed - highly recommend!" - Amy (@amywoodgate)


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