How to create a hotel experience at home

Date Posted:21 July 2020 


There’s nothing better than stepping foot into your new hotel bedroom, and sinking into a plush cloud-like bed, ready to relax and reset. With so many of us spending more time at home right now, and for those not wanting or able to travel right now, we want to share how to create a blissful sleep situation that will have you checking in night after night, ready for a 5 star hotel sleep.

Our founder and head designer has created a range of beautiful bedding, inspired by her luxury hotel travels and now found in the bedrooms of some of Australia’s most exclusive and beautiful accommodation. If you’re looking to upgrade, read on to find out how to improve your sleep.



1. The sleep easy Pillow

Designed with light and fluffy filling, this soft and cosy pillow is the perfect antidote for a busy day. Designed to shape to your body, the exclusive filling is vegan, cruelty-free and a delight to sleep on. If you prefer a firm or high pillow this will not suit, but if you’re the type of sleeper who wants soft, plush and relaxing rest buy this pillow for a cloud-like experience.



2. The heavenly Mattress Topper

Have you slept on a mattress topper before? It’s pure bliss! Imagine heaps of tiny, cushioned pockets all layered under your body to create a plush and supportive bed base. Our pillows have been designed to pair perfectly to the mattress topper filling so you will never want to get out of bed again. Trust us.



3. The perfect puffy quilt

When you walk into your bedroom you want your bed to look inviting, so having a high quality quilt goes a long way. Designed as 400gsm, to be able to be used for most of the year, our quilts are made from premium materials, use a high thread count cotton casing and give your bed that perfect puffy feel.



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