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Date Posted:11 March 2022 


In celebration of World Sleep Day we wanted to discuss the importance of quality sleep. Making sure you are getting to sleep is only half the battle. Having a high quality and restorative nights sleep is essential for mental and physical health. In support of the magic of a good nights sleep we have prepared some tips to maximise the quality of your next slumber.

1. Watch your caffiene intake.

While you may need to have a few cups of coffee to get you through your busy day, it is important to consider your bed time when you are reaching for another cup. Even if your bedtime is hours away, caffiene can impact your sleep quality if consumed 6 hours prior to your next slumber. Caffiene affects everyone differently, so it is important to know your limits. Consider swapping your afternoon cup of coffee for a decaf option instead. 

2. Stick to your schedule 

It may seem childish to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday, but this practice can do wonders for the quality of your sleep. Your body works on a circadian rhythm that follows a 24-hour cycle, naturally alligning itself with sunrise and sunset. A regular sleeping schedule can improve the brain's ability to respond to your body's melatonin levels.

3. Consider a magnesium spray

Magnesium directly impacts your nervous system and gene repair. Incorporating a magnesium spray into your routine can help calm your mind and muscles before slipping into bed. Consider The Base Collective's Beauty Sleep Spray, that combines magnesium with lavender oil and camomile extract to deepen your sleep. The winning combination has been used in traditional ancient therapies to soothe stresses, release tension and calm the body and mind. 

4. Turn out the light

Your exposure to light can impact your brain's ability to prepare for sleep. Consider dimming the lights or lighting a candle in your bedroom an hour before bed. If there is extra light in your bedroom that you can't control, opt for a eye mask to ensure your brain can properly produce the sleep hormone, melatonin. 


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