Working from home has become the new norm and while it can be wonderfully convenient it does have some drawbacks when it comes to setting boundaries with your work-life and home-life, especially when it comes to winding down. Setting boundaries and prioritising relaxation is essential for proper, healing and satisfying rest. We've prepared our top tips for priorisitng your rest and downtime following your next WFH day with our favourite Australian made and organic team brand Tea Tonic.


1. Have a designated work space

When you work from home it can be easy to float between work and home headspace throughout the day and even night! By creating a boundary for your designated work area you are confining all your work tasks and thoughts to that space. Designating the space means you're less likely to have to interact with it and think about work once you've clocked off for the day. 

2. Wind down 

While it can be relaxing to sit back and scroll or watch that new episode before bed, it is essential to limit your screen time before bed. Set a timer at leat 1 hour before your bed time and choose a way to windown that doesn't include a screen. Reducing your screen exposure before bed can help improve your sleep cycles and your REM sleep, an essential element for healing and resting our tired bodies.

3. Choose your favourite brew

There is nothing more comforting than sipping on a delicious, hot tea before bed. An experience made even sweeter by knowing the organic ingredients of your Tea Tonic brew are giving your 25% more nutrients than non organic teas. Choose your favourite herbal tea flavour, maybe something sweet like Chocolate Chai or even somehting healing like the Complexion tea.

4. Get comfy

Pull back the covers and slip into your luxe French linen bedding. Whilst you sip on your delicious Tea Tonic brew, take a moment to think about what happened today that you're thankful for. Just relax.


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