The Linen Press | January

Date Posted:24 January 2020 


Welcome to The Linen Press. You join us weekly on Instagram as we discover more about our favourite creative Linen Lovers and get a sneak peek into their daily rituals. This month we focused on our creative team so you can get to know us a bit better. 

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Meet Emily

Our Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator here at I Love Linen. She has a true passion for all things beautiful and loves to create while also developing her strategic mind. 

3 Things She Loves:

1. Coffee

2. The smell of the ocean

3. True Crime Podcasts. 



Meet Gemma

She is our PR superstar & Marketing assistant. Gemma has an entrepreneurial nature about her that loves to always push the boundaries in e-commerce. Making waves Gemma seeks to interact with our Trade clients and form meaningful connections to better relationships.  

3 Things She Loves:

1. Her Cat

2. Gold jewels

3. Living so close to the beach



Meet Lauren

She is our Creative Director and owner of I Love Linen. She breathes everything linen in her day and enjoys sharing that love with her customers. She doesn't engage with social media on a personal level but I can assure you if you have DM'd us before more often than not Lauren is on the ground hearing what you have to say!

3 Things She Loves:

1. Linen (obviously)

2. Getting creative

3. Coffee


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