The Linen Press | July

Date Posted:28 July 2020 


Welcome to The Linen Press. You join us weekly on Instagram as we discover more about our favourite creative Linen Lovers and get a sneak peek into their daily rituals. 

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Meet Georgie

Georgie is a lover of travel & Summer and has recently returned from living abroad in Cambodia.


3 Things She Loves:

1. Travelling

2. Summer

3. Her Kitten Winnie



Meet Mikaela

Mikaela is a Californian living, sun & sea loving, mama to three bambinos.


3 Things She Loves:

1. Adventure

2. Spending time with her little family

3. Surf & Sun



Meet Alex

Alex is a ceramicist & our creative muse.⁠ She is the clever mind behind @degoey_planet our favourite place for hand-formed ceramics


3 Things She Loves:

1. Ceramics

2. Creativity

3. Coffee



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