The Linen Press | March

Date Posted:23 March 2020 


Welcome to The Linen Press. You join us weekly on Instagram as we discover more about our favourite creative Linen Lovers and get a sneak peek into their daily rituals. 

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Meet Caitlin

She is the famous interior stylist behind @thehouseonbeachroad. Living in Newcastle, New South Wales she spends her days travelling and styling while also making the most beautiful content. 

3 Things She Loves:

1. Styling

2. Coffee first always

3. Her beachside town



Meet Jassica

A 23-year-old product design student living in a small town called Kassel, Germany. She has a feed you can only dream of, with its neutral tones and high fashion energy.

3 Things She Loves:

1. Being a Part-Time model

2. Her dog Yuma

3. Environmental sustainability



Meet Camilla

A Sydney-sider with a creative flair. She has a home that is seriously house goals, and an Instagram feed you can't help but fall in love with. 

3 Things She Loves:

1. A cheeky Aperol

2. The Fairy Bower beach bath

3. Freshly washed sheets


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