The Perfect Addition To Your Nightly Ritual

Date Posted:17 July 2019 


The perfect addition to your nightly ritual

Using scent to signal to the mind that it's time to unwind before bed is the perfect way to get into a healthy sleeping cycle if you have trouble switching off before sleep. Auric Alchemy mindfully blends essential oils with crystal infused spring water into sprays you can use on yourself, your bed linen or for your room. 

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Read our interview below with Madeline, the founder of Auric Alchemy.


Could you tell us a little bit about aromatherapy and explain it for people who don't know much about it? 

Aromatherapy is the use of plant and flower extracts to bring about emotional and physical balance. I always like to think of it as those beautiful nostalgic moments we all have when we smell something that holds a fond memory like our favourite flower (mine is always lilies and jasmine as they were always in my home growing up) or even a meal we love.

These are all instances of aroma bringing therapeutic benefits to the nervous system. The reason I am so passionate about natural perfumes is that in the same way, these gifts from nature can bring us healing the exact opposite can occur when we use synthetic fragrances and chemicals, they disrupt the health of our bodies as we absorb everything through our skin. 



What do you know of scent promoting a better sleep? 

The most known aromas like lavender, chamomile and rose have been used for such a long time to bring calm during stressful times, and let's be honest we are all racing through life at a frightening pace these days. 

Our olfactory system (sense of smell) is incredibly powerful and receptive from a very young age! Nature really has done all of the work for us in providing the benefits within its natural composition and all we need to do is take a moment to appreciate it, inhale and exhale. 



We have your Dream blend, could you please tell us a bit about what's in the blend and its benefits? 

Our dream blend is the perfect balance to bring calm and grounding to space and your energy before bed. Featuring lavender and chamomile as soothing aromas to the nervous system, marjoram which has been known to ease insomnia (not recommended during pregnancy) and a hint of citrus for bringing clarity to the mind it's the perfect addition to any nightly ritual.

All of our blends are infused with a crystal mindfully chosen for it's complimenting benefits to the scent, in this case, we chose amethyst. Amethyst is known for calming anxiety, soothing a busy mind and bringing protection. 

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