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Date Posted:25 April 2020 



The Artists & Makers

Creatives and makers provide their communities with joy, interaction, and inspiration. 

Art is about connecting with people’s emotions. It’s personal and at the same time, universal.

Here’s just a handful of our creative muses inspiring and satisfying our need to make during these times.

We also learnt how each creative remains inspired while working from home.




The Craft Parlour

Gold Coast, QLD 

Rachael Valentine is the dreamer and crafty soul behind The Craft Parlour and while their bright and delightful studio in Miami QLD is currently closed for workshops.
The studio has pivoted offering Kids and Adult Craft Kits to keep everyone creating from home. These kits are hot property, selling out in minutes. Next drop date is to be released soon and is Mother’s Day Theme.

How do you remain inspired while working from home?

"We have been feeling pretty inspired in this time of Covid. We already work from home full time so that wasn’t much of a transition but we had to completely pivot the way we had done business in the past six years and launch a whole new model from in-person classes to DIY home craft kits. The first few weeks we were scrambling for new supplies, offerings and whipping up tutorials but now we have found our flow and it feels really exciting to have people crafting with us all over Australia."

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The Essentials Club

Gold Coast, QLD 

A hub for creative doers with how-to tutorials, handcrafted projects, and explorations. 
Run by multidisciplinary creative Madeline with an aim to inspire others to make time to get resourceful and live a simple yet full life with only the essentials.

How do you remain inspired while working from home?

"I keep inspired working from home with good music or a podcast playing in the background and an endless flow of coffee. I’ve also found that trying to keep to a schedule with an achievable to-do list makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something and helps give me a bit of purpose during these weird times (sometimes that’s even just ticking off calling a friend!)."

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Bonnie Gray

Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne based artist Bonnie Gray, thinks in technicolour. She’s a sunshine and ocean lover and craver of the simplest things.
Every painting is inspired by tropical Summers, 90s memories, songwriting bliss, pink flamingos, fruit smoothies and deep pockets filled with honest heart joys

How do you remain inspired while working from home?

"I stay creative, romancing my life be the one intentional thread I stitch in my everyday. Whether it’s a Billie holiday playlist that mumbles like a record player, crystal glasses filled with cold water in the morning near my window. For breakfast, creating smoothie bowls of colour and pure health bliss and reading poetry that sings truth it’s all in the romancing that keeps my imagination dancing in sweetness and hope. My work is all about joy, hope and freedom and the beauty of collecting flowers from parks and taking in this rest time. Sitting on my fire escape and watching the skies and trees sing really inhabit free space to keep creative. I have a canvas that I paint over and over, every time I step in the studio to paint it, I step out of my comfort zone. It’s for no one, just for me and to challenge myself creatively and to keep me on my toes. Candles, vases of leaves and collections and photographing objects in sunlight, wearing fabrics - colliding all things in life like a romantic film is my way to keeping excited about every little detail."

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Marloe Marloe

South East, QLD

Inspired by the intricacies and inconsistencies of nature, Marloe Marloe is one of Australia’s most prominent design & ceramic studio’s.
Founded by Marloe Morgan, Marloe Marloe seeks to create elegant artisanal creations to transcend trends and journey with their owners through a lifetime.

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Maryanne Moodie

Melbourne, VIC

Maryanne is a fiber obsessed maker from Australia working between Melbourne and Brooklyn. 
She divides her time between designing and creating woven wall hangings, developing weaving kits, and teaching sold out workshops across the world. 

How do you remain inspired while working from home?

 "I stay inspired by dancing every day! I do dance classes online, attend dance parties And dance with my family. It’s a great stress reliever, good exercise and gets the creative juices flowing!"

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