Introducing: Clay

Date Posted:13 August 2020 


Introducing Clay

Clay is inspired by our love of the natural elements. Our latest exclusive shade is soft, dusky, and feminine. After many requests for an Earthy pink, we spent months designing the perfect balance of delicate and raw. We love clay as a natural form and everything it represents. Your new favourite shade, Clay, pairs beautifully with our other Earthy hues including Ochre and Sandalwood, and also with neutrals like Beige Gingham, White and Natural.

At a time when we can't travel overseas, we sent our latest release Clay to the Saguaro National Park, Arizona to be immersed in a place where the elements that inspired it are so prominent. Our talented friend Hannah Janoe (@hannahjanoe) created this beautiful scene with our latest shade.

We have been daydreaming of escaping to the desert since we received these amazing images from Hannah.

Discover our latest shade and lose yourself as you scroll through the images of this beautiful scene.