Custom Order

Love a colour and design but it's not in stock? You can make a custom order

If you're shopping and you see a message to custom order that product you might wonder what this means. We have one of the largest ranges of French linen colours available online but unfortunately cannot carry every single size and colour, especially the sizes that do not sell as fast. However if you have a design vision in mind we can work with our maker to have pieces made especially for you.

This is done by placing a custom order.

We ask that you contact us at to explain what size, colour, style etc you hope to custom order. One of our lovely team members will get back in touch and let you know the cost and wait times. Please note that making linen takes time, so there will be a wait for your goods as we will time it with our next big shipment, and in most cases there will be a surcharge on your order as this is a one off design and takes a little bit of extra work. But in the end you will have the design you've been hoping for and your bedroom will be just beautiful.