Urban Stripes


A Thick Stripe With An Urban Edge

Shooting this look, we truly appreciated the versatility of the Milk Natural Thick Stripe. By taking it back to basics and keeping the tones neutral, we saw the thick stripe come to life. The linen became the feature and styling the rest of the shoot was a breeze. It cozied up the warehouse scene and made urban living look warm and inviting. 



Switch up your colours

Swap the naturals for a navy to create an even stronger urban look. For something a little softer try a warm grey, this on trend combination will add just enough masculinity to the space.  



Styling tips

We achieved the airy urban look by keeping the pieces understated and matching the tones in the space. Adding greenery really brought the look to life. If you are after a more masculine urban look, include bold pieces in your space, either through artwork or dark statement wares around your room. Chat to one our stylists for more styling tips.  



Notes on linen colours

Be aware that different screens will show different variations of colours. If you want to learn more about the colours please get in contact with one of our designers, or request a swatch.