Posted: 19 August 2021



Welcome, Cocoa Stripe


We are very excited to introduce Cocoa Stripe to our linen-loving community. Cocoa Stripe is a rich brown pinstripe, woven against a warm white base. Drawing inspiration from the deep, warm tones of our Australian Earth, let this exciting new style continue your love affair with our range of rustic, earthy hues. 



French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding



Switch up your colours


Cocoa Stripe was designed with versatility in mind. Our intention was to provide our community with another easy-to-pair shade & that's exactly what we've done. Bring Cocoa Stripe to life with a hint of warm caramel Sandalwood, soften this gorgeous stripe with our dream neutral Crème, or elevate the Australiana look with our deep Sienna. Whether you imagine styling Cocoa Stripe on its own, or in a delightfully layered combination, this delicate new linen style is bound to enhance your dream space. As always, your Cocoa Stripe Pillowcase will feature a delightful envelope closure, to ensure a snug fit all night long (pictured below).



Top Left: Styled with Pillowcases in Sienna. Top Right: Styled with Crème & Sandalwood French linen. Bottom Left: Styled with Sandalwood Quilt Cover French linen. 



How we styled Cocoa Stripe


Featured in this look is a stunning solid timber side table from our friends Kira & Kira, styled with Softedge Studio tumblers, a sweet vase by The Borrowed Nursery & a fresh bunch of Australian florals. Bringing texture into the paired-back styling is a deep, earthy rug by Pampa. This look was heavily inspired by all things Australiana, pulling in natives, blonde timbers & a stunning art piece by Daisy in Dots (from Kira & Kira).



French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding





** Please note, Crème & Sienna are currently only available on our Australian site. USA sizes coming soon...