Tips + Advice: Why You Should Love Linen Too

Hello! If you've made it to this page, then we can assume you're on the hunt for the internet's best linen sheets and bedding. Since 2013, I Love LInen has been providing our loyal customers with genuine and well-made French flax bedding to create an elevated sleep experience. It's no secret that we love linen, and our customers do too. We specially source and curate the perfect linen for our customers so they can experience the best of the best. 

Let's get to the nitty-gritty - one thing a lot of customers (and customers-to-be) want to understand is why there is such a variation in price with online linen bedding retailers. It's our aim to create a stress-free buying process where you can feel confident about investing in the best linen in the industry. 

Today there are so many options available when finding the perfect linen for you, and we don't take that for granted. That's why we travelled far and wide, building relationships with suppliers that have the right fabrics and designs so you're able to enjoy what we have to offer, knowing the hard work is already done. 

How affordable should good quality linen be?

Based on years of working closely with high-quality makers, a well-constructed pure linen fabric will come at a cost. However, this investment will guarantee an enjoyable and sustainable sleep experience. 

We have provided a curated care guide here to ensure that your lovely stonewashed and delicate fibres are protected, alllowing for your linen to withstand the test of time. 

Is cheaper linen bad?

Not always, but it's essential to understand that good quality flax does not come cheap. While a lower price may look enticing, consider whether the linen is durable and sustainable. Feedback from customers who have switched to I Love LInen echoes the sentiment that they can truly feel the difference in our fabric, which certainly makes us happy!

Why do our customers choose I Love Linen?

At I Love Linen, quality is never compromised - which is something we hold to high regard. After speaking with some of our wonderful customers, it was really interesting to hear what they had to say about our linen. We're so lucky to have such valued customers who understand the quality of our linen and the worthy investment behind it. 

Here are what some of our customers have to say about our linen...

"I've had so many people tell me to invest in linen merchandise. Despite the cost, I know that from my recent purchase, I have invested in the most luxurious, softest sheet and quilt set ever! I am so pleased with my products and know that I will continue to make purchases from I Love Linen in the future. Not one single flaw!"

- Nikki Kirby

"After stumbling upon I Love Linen, I did my research in regards to the pros and cons of purchasing linen rather than cotton. I read that it helps with temperate regulation, as well as being hypoallergenic. Even at it's higher price point, I was convinced that I needed to try this product. Like other reviews have stated, the linen feels a lot softer than actual linen I've felt before. If you're considering purchasing from I Love Linen - do it. The quality of the products is outstanding and I will be purchasing more in the future."

- Sarah Jackson

"I purchased these sheets about a month ago and found them to be instantly soft, unlike other linen brands I have previously purchased from. The product is reliable, has a quality-feel and includes a great colour range too."

- Michelle James

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