SALE: Best Selling Shades & Styles

Date Posted:13 April 2021 


Be inspired by the Best Sellers of our SALE so far!

As we settle into the third day of The Unmissable Sale Event, we wanted to stop and reflect on the styles & shades that have been the most popular so far. We hope that by sharing these popular shades & styles, we can help you make the decision of choosing your dream linens a little easier. 


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Mustard & Clay

Mustard has been a standout shade during this sale event & we have noticed customers are popularly pairing the bright, earthy shade with Clay. The combination of Mustard & Clay French linen is perfect for homes with warm-toned finishes, rattan furniture & timber floors. These two dreamy shades together are selling particularly well in Kids Bedding, so a great choice if you are looking to brighten up a child's space!


French linen in Desert Rose

Desert Rose Bedding has been particularly popular across our entire Bedding range. Our customers are loving Desert Rose in Pillowcases, Duvet Covers and Sheet Sets. This shade adds brightness and warmth to any space, so no wonder it has been a popular choice. Desert Rose also pairs wonderfully with White & Mustard.



Duvet Cover in Sage

The love for Sage is real! It is no surprise to us that Sage has been an absolute favorite this sale season, as the beautiful cool shade has always been a popular choice for our community. Shop Sage for 25% off Kids Bedding as well as our range of luxury French linen Bedding. 



Ochre & Sandalwood 

Earthy & tonal shades have always been a community favorite, so it was no surprise to us that Ochre & Sandalwood French linen Bedding is one of the most popular choices this sale. These two shades are selling fast and are a popular shade pairing for lovers of tonal, earthy hues.



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